The IFC Supply Chain Approach

The IFC Supply Chain Approach

IFC Global Logistics & Warehousing has delivered first-class supply chain solutions to Australian businesses for over 30 years. Throughout this time, the IFC team have developed a unique approach to supply chain management that aims to provide customers with services that reflect today’s complex international business environment. Both consultative and customisable, this approach assists in minimising costs and overall time to market.

  1. Consultation

The first important step in the IFC Supply Chain Approach is to discuss your logistics objectives to customise a supply chain solution. As IFC is qualified to manage our customer’s entire supply chain, initial discussions ensure a seamless process without time-consuming cooperation between varying service providers throughout the supply chain journey. The operational and strategic advantage of this full-service offering for our customers is the transparency of information, which IFC establishes from the very first conversation.

  1. Technology integration

After a thorough discussion, the implementation of the chosen supply chain process begins. To assist in the easy transfer of information and tracking, each client’s system is integrated into IFC’s in-house, multi-award-winning IT platform from Cloud Logistics Solutions. This platform ensures complete supply chain visibility across the whole

spectrum of logistics partners using collaborative online tools.

  1. Importing

After the IT integration is complete, the IFC logistics division will begin the supply chain process by importing inventory from our client’s suppliers to our national 3PL warehouses. Throughout this phase, IFC’s responsibility is to negotiate with carriers to provide the best route via sea, land, or air freight through price, speed, and reliability considerations.

  1. Warehousing

Once arriving at our network of dedicated and shared warehousing facilities, the IFC team will begin to provide the clients chosen value-added services to ensure that goods are prepared for delivery. These services may include FIFO/FEFE control, picking and packing or quality assurance and management, alongside the standard offering of WMS/TMS integration and AQIS inspections.

  1. Distribution

The final step in the IFC Supply Chain Approach is for the distribution team to take care of seamless national delivery. IFC has options suitable for eCommerce retailers who ship directly to customers or retailers requiring stock delivered to stores, with multi-carrier integration and end-to-end track and traceability. What’s more, clients can also benefit from expert reverse logistics services to minimise waiting times for both the manufacturer and customer.

Learn more about IFC’s full-service logistics and warehousing solutions on our website, or contact the team to learn how we could assist you in developing a customised solution.