US air cargo security – 1st July 2017

US air cargo security – 1st July 2017

In relation to the “piece-level” examination requirements for air cargo exports to the US effective 1 July 2017.

Below is a summary of the main issues.

Preparedness of Exporters

In parallel to this activity, FTA also been engaging with the Office of Transport Security (OTS) and received the following update from Sachi Wimmer, Executive Director Office of Transport Security (OTS) on Friday evening, 24 February 2017

FTA have been focusing on the transitional tasks to ensure successful delivery of the project as we move towards the 1 July 2017 US ‘piece level’ examination requirements. These include continuing communications with exporters and freight forwarders, supporting uptake of piece-level screening with industry, and undertaking assessments and validations of the first wave of known consignor businesses wanting to enter the scheme.

With only four months until the requirements for piece level examination starts ensuring that industry is prepared will be challenging.

For examination by technology, while overall coverage is good for express parcel post, we are seeing some capability and capacity gaps around the country, particularly in EMD capability and in some states, x-ray capacity. You can assist us by talking to us early about your intentions to enter the examination business, particularly if you intend to apply for an EACE notice prior to 1 July 2017.

The Known Consignor Scheme is up and running and to date, we have over 260 Expressions of Interest, 81 applications received with 50 validations conducted and 7 approved known consignors.

However, the response to the Known Consignor Scheme is still relatively low and our experience is that there is quite a delay between people being given the application form and when they return it. With only 126 days until 1 July, we really need a quicker turn around on applications coming in. Further information on the Known Consigner Scheme can be found on the Departments website at the following link Known Consigner Scheme

There is confusion amongst exporters about what examination is available, what the Known Consignor Scheme is and what businesses need to do to join. We would appreciate you working with your colleagues and members to continue to push the message out about the 1 July requirements and working with export businesses to help them determine whether the Known Consignor Scheme is the best option for them or to ensure they have examination arrangements in place for their US cargo. As well, we value you encouraging any exporters you know who are interested in the Known Consignor Scheme, to apply as a matter of urgency – noting that if they don’t they may not be able to export for a period of time after 1 July.