The benefits of implementing a cloud logistics solution

The benefits of implementing a cloud logistics solution

Implementing a cloud-based logistics tool is an essential process that IFC Global Logistics & Warehousing (IFC) encourages any business that operates under an import or exported goods model to use. IFC’s in-house, multi award winning software division, Cloud Logistics Solutions (CLS), is leading the way in cloud-based logistics solutions enabling IFC with a new collaborative and innovative online software called Cloud Supply Chain (CSC) offering complete visibility across the supply chain management process.

CSC is a sophisticated IT software system designed for logistics management that IFC have implemented to deliver on the essential need from clients for real-time logistics information, and value-added services that provide and strengthen global competitiveness. Removing the need for operators to determine what is essential and allowing a system to present critical action data is the fundamental approach CLS has employed. Key features of the CSC system include real-time data transparency of logistics moments, KPI and performance metrics, and logistics data management for end-to-end supply chain visability.

The benefits of implementing a cloud-based logistics solution using CSC include:

Information sharing
Enable the free flow of information from your ERP, eCommerce platform, purchasing and inventory or other key systems through integrations. Having disparate systems often challenges the most efficient firms in ensuring the right team members can see the right data. CSC aggregates data, presenting live information dashboards aligned with logistics stages and functional roles serving your team members with actionable insights and data to make more effective decisions.

User-centric design

Implementing new systems and tools does not mean you need months of training. CSC has been designed with logistics users in mind by using international logistics standards, and supply chain insights for customer centric decision making. Accessible in your web browser, live tiles with trending data identify what needs action, while providing executive team members with a complete logistics snapshot without needing to generate a report.

Improve your customers experience

With customer expectations ever increasing, the challenge is to stay ahead of the pack.The real time architecture of CSC allows you to see the details of an eCommerce order fulfilment process. Integrate moments, or allow your Customer Service team to view via CSC, if an order has been received, picked, packed, dispatched, and even delivered.

Need something customised?

We understand that sometimes, one size does not fit all. To address this, the CLS team activate a consultative engagement with you and IFC to understand the uniqueness of the problem you are trying to solve. Using this knowledge, customisations can be developed and deployed to our platform that you can access.

High availability by design.

To keep your data available, the CSC architecture is designed to minimise single points of failure. Hosted in an enterprise Australian datacentre on dedicated cloud infrastructure and monitored 24×7, CLS has invested in a multi-node architecture, essential service redundancy, and multi-medium backups. Our user based identification and controls keeps your data secure and accessible to those who are authorised to see it.

To learn more about how Cloud Supply Chain can provide you with competitive advantage in logistics, Contact IFC for a demonstration of how our clients are taking logistics to the next level.