Sydney Warehouse. Not just a perfect location.

Sydney Warehouse.
Not just a perfect location.

Terminology such as “ideal” and “flawless” are, at times, overreaching or underrated. But in respect to the future developments that are occurring in Western Sydney, the new IFC Sydney Warehouse has no other word but “perfect” to describe itself. Centrally located between the Sydney International Airport and the newly proposed Badgerys Creek Airport (a 24-hour and curfew free second airport in Sydney), it is strategically positioned to provide direct access to and from the Port Botany, Sydney Port.

The reason mentioned above is not the only reason why it will be the perfect location. How, one might ask?

In addition to being centrally located between the most commonly needed structures for moving cargo, new intermodal rail operations are under construction through to the largest-to-be inland logistics port in the Southern Hemisphere. Moore Bank Logistics Park will soon be complete and will be in close proximity – only 10 minutes – to the new warehouse. Additionally, Moore Bank will have a direct rail link to the Sydney port; ultimately giving IFC warehousing and distribution operations a competitive edge.

 Perfectly Accredited 

As well as presenting IFC as innovative and focused on latest technology, plant, equipment and security, the warehouse will also hold the below accreditation’s for storing and securing imported and exported goods, such as:

  • Customs bonded
  • Quarantine accredited
  • Food grade accredited

The new site will be significantly more energy efficient with LED lighting and sensors, solar power panels and rain water recycling management.

For more details outlining what the new Sydney warehouse entails click here

Countless features along with the best warehouse practices and in combination with IFC’s improving scalability, will provide greater efficiency and effectiveness to limit timely costs due to road congestion and add to our customer’s total logistics experience.

We are welcoming you whether you are a new online business needing to move cargo internationally, or an established business looking for convenient proximity to a loading port to keep track of our developments and potentially become one of our satisfied clients.

More updates will be available soon, so stay tuned.