Supply Chain Solutions

supply-chain-specialistIFC understands that today’s intricate international business environment is rapidly expanding and progressing.  These advancements necessitate many industries now demanding real-time supply chain information.

IFC has developed a web-based international freight and information management system, designed to manage and distribute up-to-the-minute supply chain information to importers, suppliers, freight forwarders and other trading partners. Our E-logistic solution connects all partners within the supply chain bringing everyone together onto the one electronic platform.  This transparent flow of communication minimises time wastage and creates reliable efficiencies to forward plan logistic decisions.

The operational and strategic edge provided to our clients by IFC’s transparent information throughout the entire supply chain is the ability to:

  • Address more effectively fluctuations in supply and demand
  • Monitor supplier responses and lead times, maximise container loads, and shift volumes via the best routes
  • Create meaningful performance measurement indicators
  • Answer queries on status of orders and times of delivery
  • Considerably reduce the amount of paperwork
  • Track products in real-time
  • Enjoy shorter cycle times
  • Make better business decisions


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