STIKES IN INDIA – Major Delays with Importing/Exporting APM Terminal Nhava Sheva

STIKES IN INDIA – Major Delays with Importing/Exporting APM Terminal Nhava Sheva

Note there are current delays in shipping ex Nhava Sheva (Mumbai) APM Terminal , India due to go slow / strike that has been in place for 24 days with no end in sight.

Its is difficult to predict the outcome of the on-going dispute between APMT and their third party contractor, which unexpectedly continues for the 24th days, causing a devastating effect on the shipping fraternity.

Even though APMT was managing to allow carting of export cargo for the first 2 weeks of slow down, instigated by contractor unions, export gates at APMT continue to remain shut for the past 10 days, causing serious concern, with no alternative option left open to the shipping lines and export houses.

As per last few sailing from APMT, berth productivity is further dropped and recorded in the range of 35 – 45 moves per hour.

Due to APMT remaining closed for export intake, container inventory levels at other two NSA terminals has shot up to their threshold handling limits, causing serious berthing delay, poor ship rate and massive export traffic with queues almost 15-20 kms long on the NH approach roads connecting NSA gateway port.

As a proactive measure, shipping lines have already implemented (prior to loading from port of origin) to reduce their NSA imports parcel size by diverting/routing 40-50 % volumes through other neighbouring state/country gateway ports, which may facilitate them to manage loading of export containers from APMT port in given time frame allotted by terminal.

Potographs are avaialble of the congestion outside the Terminal, should you wish to view these please contact your CRM directly to receive a copy.