Customised end-to-end trade solutions & valued-added third party logistics

Superior service backed by sophisticated technology and competitive pricing

cogsAs a leading international freight logistic company, IFC Global Logistics has been delivering first-class supply chain solutions and third party logistics services since 1991.

Our company synergies incorporate a comprehensive range of end-to-end supply chain services and solutions that can be completely tailored to meet our customer’s individual requirements and service expectations.  We understand innovative approaches are required as the dynamics of successfully managing a seamless supply chain differs depending on the particular industry or situation.

IFC are professionals at identifying strategies to help our clients save money, time and expand their business.  Our extensive international logistics network presents significant commercial opportunities to our customers, enabling us to identify cost and time saving opportunities through our complete range of services including:

Comprehensive International offshore 3PL Consolidation
Import and Export Sea and Airfreight Forwarding
National Warehousing and Distribution
Customs Brokerage and Consultancy
Sophisticated I.T Technology and Tracking

IFC offers unique and customised end-to-end trade solutions that are not available in the mainstream transport and logistics sector.  We are committed to continuously developing advanced logistic resolutions to ensure our clients are always competitive in the dynamic market environment in which they operate.

IFC can develop customer specific solutions and make a substantial difference to our client’s overall operational efficiencies.  Using the right combination of our skills, systems and people, and our in depth understanding of the requirements and expectations of our customer’s industry, we are currently adding great value to our clients around the world.

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United Shipping

IFC are proud to be affiliated with the United Shipping network


UNITED SHIPPING, INC., is a worldwide network of independently owned and locally operated freight forwarders and Customs brokers.
Established in 1988, United Shipping, Inc. offers importers and exporters the advantages of multinational corporations with the expertise that can be found only in a locally owned and operated business.
• Comprehensive transport and trade services
• Competitive Freight Rates, Service Fees, Cargo Insurance & Customs Bonds
• Reliable partners with proven track records
• Annual Worldwide Partner Meetings
The true beneficiary, however, is the customer. Partners in United Shipping understand that their collective efforts make them stronger and able to offer more and better services to their customers.