Quality Controls

IFC has gained Second and Third Party Achievements in:

  • Quality – Certified Since Jan 1997
  • HACCP – “Accredited” Since May 2010
  • Export Registered Establishment – Since 2010
  • A 77G Depot – Since Jan 2010
  • Quarantine Accredited Depot – Since 2010

IFC maintains Policies, Procedures and Work Instructions in support of the operation and control of the IFC Management System.

Our Management System has processes for Internal Audit, Corrective and Preventive Action and Management Review.  It has an excellent track record of being able to react to unusual “out-of-the-box” situations and the occasional adverse one.


The IFC Management Systems are designed to react to the changing needs of Clients, IFC itself and Regulators and is assessed regularly to keep it up-to-date.  It is available for access on all IFC Workstations so that it can be referenced at a moment’s notice should any questions arise.

New workflows and Work Instructions are being added regularly as the direct result of Client and IFC Team Member feedback and the additions and changes of Service Providers and the changing needs of End Users and obsolete ones are being removed as well.

The IFC Management Systems has been the source within IFC Global Logistics which is used to continue a level of knowledge among its many Team Members which allows IFC to react positively and decisively to Clients, Regulators and the World at large.

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