Proposed industrial action at Fremantle Port 7-15 December

Proposed industrial action at Fremantle Port 7-15 December

Please be advised that Fremantle Ports has received advice from the Maritime Union of Australia of a six-day strike commencing on Sunday. It has also received notification of a possible two-day strike starting on Friday but this cannot be confirmed at this stage because the MUA has incorrectly notified Fremantle Ports of the actual dates of the stoppage.


While it is uncertain just when the strike will commence, we wanted to give you as much notice as possible given that it could be as extensive as from 5.30 am Friday 7 December until 5.30 am on Saturday 15 December. If the initial notice is invalid, the strike will run for six (6) days commencing Sunday 9 December at 5.30am.


The stoppage is by personnel employed in Fremantle Ports’ Bulk Services and Stevedoring operations in the Outer Harbour and by Port Services Officers in the Inner Harbour. Services impacted will include mooring, security, quarantine collection in the Inner and Outer Harbours where these services are provided by Fremantle Ports and stevedoring operations at the Kwinana Bulk Terminal. As such there is likely to be an impact on shipping movements in the Inner Harbour and at the Kwinana Bulk Terminal, Kwinana Bulk Jetty, Grain Jetty and AMC.


Fremantle Ports views the situation as extremely serious in terms of its direct and flow-on impacts on our customers, on all others involved in the import-export chain linking with Fremantle Port.


We will continue to keep you updated as we receive further updates.


Should you require any further information, please your Customer Service Representative.