Occupational Health & Safety


IFC Global Logistics Pty Ltd accepts that there is a fundamental relationship between occupational health and safety (OH&S), productivity and quality.

Our aim is to achieve and maintain the highest standard of performance in these three areas. This will be achieved through thoughtful management, legislative compliance, coordinated teamwork and application of the outcomes to IFC GL.

The corporate OH&S policy of IFC Global Logistics “is the practicable provision and maintenance of a healthy and safe working environment for its entire staff and those working and visiting our site” and calls on everyone involved to work to achieve this objective.

Participation in the Victorian Work Place Health Checks these are being made available to every Team Member.

Provision of Sun Protective Clothing and Sun-screens for those working outdoors

OHS2 OHS1Provision of safety platform ladders in the Pick and Pack Area to allow safe and quick access to stored goods at and above shoulder height

The provision of medium sized mobile waste collection bins to allow them to be placed in the specific work areas generating recyclable waste to keep it off the floors reducing the chances of a trip, slip or fall related to poor housekeeping

The provision of climate appropriate hi visibility clothing to Team Members working under differing conditions

The deployment of safety slitters and cutter to reduce the risk of cuts and blade related injuries


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