New Japan Customs 24 Hour Advance Manifest Regulations

New Japan Customs 24 Hour Advance Manifest Regulations

Please be advised that Japan Customs authorities have introduced new regulations in regards to compulsory advance manifesting. The 24 hour rule for the Manifest transmission for export cargoes to Japan and any cargoes transhipping in Japan will now be required to be reported by the Carrier to Japan Customs 24 hours before any vessel commences loading in each port.

It is now mandatory for shippers to provide correct details incorporating the following information on the Forwarding Instruction.

– Shipper, Consignee, Notify Name, telephone & fax numbers and address.

– Cargo description and 6-digit HS code per cargo item.

– Container and seal numbers.

– IMDG code / UN No. for hazardous cargo (if applicable).

– Clear commodity description (example of unacceptable commodity description: apparel, auto parts, equipment, foodsfuffs, machinery, general cargo, FAK, etc).

Note: Filing of the master B/Ladings remains carrier’s responsibility, NVOCC’s will be responsible to file details of their House Bills Of Lading directly to Japan Customs.

Advanced Manifest Lodgement Fee of USD$30.00 Per B/L and Advanced Manifest Amendment Charge of USD$40.00 per B/L will apply from Northern Practise 1402W onwards.