New import conditions for plywood and veneer articles

New import conditions for plywood and veneer articles

How does this notice affect?

This notice is for commercial importers of plywood and veneer articles.

What are plywood and veneer articles?

Articles that are made solely of plywood or veneer and that have been manufactured and exported to Australia within 90 days. This does not include plywood and veneer sheeting.

What is changing?

All articles made solely of plywood or veneer were assessed under the ‘Wooden Articles – Manufactured’ ICON case. There will now be a separate ICON case for these articles.

Please note:

If plywood or veneer articles contain solid wood components then they will need to meet the import requirements for ‘Wooden Articles – Manufactured’.

If the articles are manufactured outside 90 days of export then these products will require an inspection to verify freedom from biosecurity risk material, or treatment as necessary.

Brokers and other commercial importers will be required to provide evidence in the form of a manufacturer’s declaration that the plywood or veneer articles were newly manufactured and exported within 90 days.


Old Conditions


New Conditions


All plywood and veneer articles were required to meet the import conditions as per ‘Wooden Articles – Manufactured’ ICON case.



Plywood and veneer articles will now be assessed under ICON case ‘Plywood and Veneer Articles’



All plywood and veneer articles required either treatment or inspection (depending on the country of manufacture)



Plywood and veneer articles can be released based on a manufacturer’s declaration that states the date of manufacture.