New EU rules for cargo from Bangladesh

New EU rules for cargo from Bangladesh

Effective 01 June 2017, the European Union has imposed enhanced security requirements for cargo originating from Bangladesh to EU. As per new regulations, all cargo from Bangladesh to EU countries has to be screened twice with two-layers of screening process. First, cargo will have to pass through X-Ray screening with dual-view monitor. Later, cargo has to be screened by Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) or Explosive Detection System (EDS). As Bangladesh is not ready with EDD or EDS, airlines will have to do that  at their last point of departure before entering cargo to any EU country.

Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) has taken initiative to procure EDS machines, however, those will not be available before end of August.

As a result, air freight from Bangladesh have to bear the additional cost of getting EDD or EDS screened in a third country, namely at the country where the hub of the airlines is located.

Airlines have already started applying USD 0.12 – 0.15 per kilogram to adjust additional re-screening costs.  Air freight costs will also increase as airlines are either reducing capacity or accepting less cargo to cope the re-screening process at transit points. The new regulations would also lead to transit delays.

The new rules, however, will not have any effect on sea cargo because all such shipments from Bangladesh to the EU transit through a third port, where additional screening is carried out.