Industrial Update

Industrial Update

Melbourne, Sydney and Fremantle

The Maritime Union of Australia has embarked upon a round of industrial action in support of claims they have made under their Enterprise Agreement negotiation.

The following ports are affected:

Melbourne: operations will cease at 0600 on Thursday December 11 and resume at 1400 on Friday December 12.

Sydney: operations will cease at 1000 on Thursday December 11 and resume at 0600 on Friday November 12.

Fremantle: we have received notification of industrial action scheduled for this Friday December 12 and we are currently assessing our options for this port.

Normal cargo care functions will continue in all terminals throughout.

This action is occurring at a very busy time and will cause significant schedule disruption leading up to the Christmas period. We will work closely with the Operators of vessels that are affected and we will explore all options in an effort to mitigate delays and contain any downstream impact. We will keep you fully advised as the situation unfolds.