Clients are advised that effective from 1st December 2014 import storage rates for laden and empty containers held at DP World Terminal Fisherman Islands Terminal will be amended to reflect the increase in terminal occupancy costs.

Import storage rates will be tiered as follows:

– 1-2 days after time up and 3rd day onwards after time up.

Method of payment for storage will remain unchanged, therefore consignees and transport companies are reminded that containers will not be released until all due storage has been paid.

Import Storage involves the collection of storage charges for import containers in storage beyond their free time period, from the Consignee via the Transport Company.

Containers are available free of storage charges for three working days. Expiry of the ‘free storage’ period will see import containers remaining in the terminal subject to the following rates:

Note: These rates EXCLUDE GST 20GP 40GP 20FT OD 40FT OD
per day per day per day per day
1-2 days after time up  $ 113.00  $ 226.20  $ 203.40  $ 407.20
3rd day onwards after time up  $ 249.10  $ 498.00  $ 448.40  $ 896.40
Reefer Services *  $   74.60  $   90.00  $   74.60  $   90.00
Yard Handling Fee **  $ 102.60  $ 102.60  $ 184.70  $ 184.70
Hazardous Container Fee ***  $ 473.60  $ 473.60  $ 473.60  $ 473.60

* If a reefer container is held at the terminal beyond the free storage period, reefer service charges will apply in addition to the daily storage charges. These charges are applicable per day after free storage period.

** The yard handling fee is a single charge, applicable to those containers in the Terminal beyond the free period.

*** Hazardous Containers will incur an additional penalty charge of $473.60 per day in addition to the daily container storage charge after the expiry of the free storage period.

The day of availability indicates the first free day and is based on the completion of the vessel’s discharge. Saturday and Sunday remain classed as working days and are counted as free days.