IFC’s commitment to sustainability

IFC’s commitment to sustainability

IFC Global Logistics and Warehousing (IFC) is Australia’s trusted global supply chain solutions provider. As an Australian owned and operated leading international freight logistics and warehousing company, IFC has delivered first-class supply chain solutions for over 30 years.

Our team recognises that corporate social responsibility is a company’s ongoing commitment to act ethically and contribute to the community’s economic development while improving the workforce and communities’ quality of life. As a corporate citizen, IFC is committed to operating as an industry leader in this area, with various environment and community support programmes in the works.

IFC understands the value of the natural environment and our obligation to reduce its impact. We are committed to following all applicable regulatory standards and, where possible, utilising techniques that minimise resource use.

One of IFC’s key objectives is a waste management system, which includes a recycling programme focused on reusing paper, cardboard, and plastics. This procedure comprises sorting waste on-site to identify recyclable material and reduce waste sent to landfills, thanks to a relationship with a local service provider. This approach helps IFC meet its annual waste-reduction goals and reduce the statistic that 95% of plastic packaging, or the equivalent of $120 billion annually, is wasted after the first use.

Similarly, IFC has opted to reduce our electricity usage at our Melbourne and Sydney warehouses through the installation of solar panels. In Melbourne alone, a system of 320 panels have been installed to produce 99.8 kWh of energy, covering approximately 50% of the daily business usage. Moreover, IFC has replaced all warehouse, and office lighting with energy-saving LED devices which decrease overall use and further reduce our overall carbon footprint, which otherwise contributes to nine out of ten people worldwide breathing polluted air.

Transparency is essential to achieving true sustainability. As such, IFC plans to continue to communicate with our customers and the public about the current and future initiatives that relate to the environment in which we operate. We aim to lead with sustainable practices not to achieve a competitive advantage but because we believe in proactive actions that make a difference.