IFC Solar Infrastructure Project

IFC Solar Infrastructure Project

At IFC we are continuing to progress towards reduced consumption of non- renewable, and renewable, resources and are beginning to implement initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint.  We have opted to reduce our usage dramatically in our Melbourne warehouse and also our Sydney warehouse as we feel a social obligation to environmental awareness.

IFC has installed a solar array of 320 panels.  The system is capable of producing 99.8 kWh of energy.  The system can produce approximately 50% of our daily usage of electricity for our Melbourne warehouse.  All electricity produced outside of normal work hours is returned to the Grid.  IFC is also considering the addition of batteries to our system to further reduce our use of Grid provided electricity.

IFC has been progressively replacing all warehouse and office lighting with LED devices.  This includes replacing all metal halide lamps within the Warehouse, and all fluorescent tubes within all areas, with either LED Panels or Troffers.

IFC has installed two 50,000 Litre Water tanks to harvest rain water to maintain the Site gardens during the summer months.  The water is distributed through a fully controlled reticulated system allowing the water to be applied at optimal times to benefit the vegetation.

We are devoted to continue making changes within our business, and further projects are being researched currently. By making changes within our business we are not only cutting our expenditure, we reduce our emissions and carbon footprint, and we also hope to set a good example to other businesses contemplating investing in the same eco-friendly projects.

Monika and Renzo with array