G20 International Freight Impact Brisbane

As members will be aware from the significant Media exposure, G20 rolls into Brisbane next week. As regards to this event, while the Leaders Summit occurs 15/16 November within an estimated 30 State aircraft, 4000 delegates and 3000 media as part of the entourage, the movement of air and sea freight around and through the deemed Red Zone needs to be considered by all, particularly those members interstate who may not be fully conversant with the high level of restrictions that will occur, particularly in relation to the Brisbane Airport environment. This will include restrictions in relation to Brisbane airport per se, on and off airport freight and cargo terminals and businesses within the Brisbane Central Business District (CBD) and peripheral districts.

Access to the Brisbane CBD will come under strict security controls effective 10 November – 17 November 2014 with even the simple delivery of express parcels or small consignments being severely compromised in terms of delivery times and security. In addition, Friday 14 November 2014 has been Gazetted as a public holiday for Brisbane with all that entails in terms of freight receipt and delivery.

In the aviation environment, the most restrictive period will be 14-17 November 2014 with significant extra security presence at Brisbane Airport. There will be disruptions to the adjacent road networks and significant delays are expected. Freight terminals have advised that they will remain accessible, however, access will be highly regulated and time consuming with particular size and weight restrictions being applied by security on all freight at all access points.

While service providers in Brisbane have been advised of these issues by airport and seaport terminal operators etc, the CBFCA would stress to members that they address their freight requirements for pickup and/or delivery in the air freight environment in particular, and as to sea freight, delivery options within the Brisbane region taking into consideration these constraints.

It is also appropriate to address with freight terminal and depot operators any aspects as to inability to collect airfreight as a result of these restrictions and the terminal or depot operators position in relation to any charges that could result as to the inability of service providers to access the airport or other places.