FSC : New Release

FSC : New Release

Dear Customer,


Please note that there has been a major release of FSC this weekend.


Although background functionality remains the same, there is significant change to the look-and-feel and security features.


Firstly, please clear your web browser cache.  Follow this link for instructions.  You may see initial errors when logging in or using dashboard functions if you don’t do this.


The first time you attempt to log in you will need to use the reset password link on the first screen!  This is so that passwords utilising the new rules can be applied.  A temporary password will be emailed to you automatically by the system and you should then log in using this temporary password.  You will then be asked to enter a new password for yourself.


Briefly, the new release encompasses the following:-


Security updates both backend and frontend

  • Passwords must be changed every three months
  • Passwords cannot be re-used
  • Passwords have stricter syntax
  • User Passwords screen is defunct
  • Reset password from Login Page or from modify user page


  • Fast company switching via Splash screen
  • Switch between WBS, FSC Classic, the Dashboard is simpler
  • Menu changed in readiness for iPad and Mobile migration
  • Menu options changed in line with future development


  • Styling, with Mobile in mind, and will eventually allow us to present a “single” application
  • Auto reports “on demand” service
  • Decommissioned some redundant screens
  • Prep for new Widgets (Aka KPIs)
  • History (in supported browser)
  • Screen refresh no longer takes you to the main page but just does a refresh


  • Minor bug fixes to back buttons
  • Commercial Invoice facility now available to offshore staff
  • Various screens updated to new format
  • Striping added to some list screens



  • Preparation to reduce amount of screens
  • Page layout standards starting to be applied (in dashboard)


  • Minor bug fixes on PO uploader where email reports a failure even though it is successful

Warehouse Booking System

  • Inactivated users are no longer presented in the user dropdowns
  • Reports no longer being sent out to inactive users


As with any new release of software, teething problems may be experienced.  Please let us know if you have any issues.


Thankyou all for your support.