Green Initiatives


IFC Global Logistics is committed to reducing our overall footprint by a concerted effort to manage and reduce the amounts of waste produced and to support this with a recycling program dedicated to returning as much material as practical to re-use and/or reclaim processes.

IFC has identified three (3) waste streams.  These streams are:

  • Paper and Cardboard
  • Plastics
  • Non-recyclables

Our commitment is targeted to reduce the current amounts of non-recyclables by TWENTY PER CENT each year for the next three and further TEN PER CENT each year for the two years thereafter.

To achieve this IFC is working with a Service Provider to sort our waste on site prior to them mixing to maximise the recoverables and overall reduce the waste assigned to landfill.



IFC has installed two 50,000 Litre Water tanks to gather rain water to maintain the Site gardens during the summer months.  The water is distributed through a fully controlled system allowing the water to the applied at optimal times to benefit the vegetation.




IFC has begun reviewing current fixed lighting for conversion to LED generated light.


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