DP World Infrastructure Surcharge – 1st April 2017

DP World Infrastructure Surcharge – 1st April 2017
The Australian Peak Shippers Association (APSA) received notification from DP World Australia of a substantial increase in Port Access fees, for all containers delivered to the terminals via road or rail, applicable from April 3 2017. Further increases are expected in Brisbane.

For more detail please refer to the attached notices.

Customer notice_DPWA Melbourne Infrastructure Surcharge Notice_Melbourne

Customer notice_DPWA Sydney Infrastructure Surcharge Notice_Sydney

In Melbourne the Infrastructure Surcharge (Port Access fee) has increased from $3 to $32.60 per container, while in Sydney the per container fee will increase from $0 to $21.14 for all containers delivered into the terminal.

These charges will be levied via the 1-Stop Vehicle Booking System or via the rail operator.

DP World have blamed the fee increases largely on “occupancy costs”.