Department of Immigration and Border Protection (Customs)

Australian Trusted Trader


Department of Immigration and Border Protection (Customs)

Dear Customer,

Australian Trusted Trader is a voluntary accreditation programme that recognises secure and compliant industry supply chain practices, offering tailored trade facilitation benefits to accredited businesses.

This programme is a partnership between government and business underpinned by shared responsibility and transparency. It aims to streamline and facilitate trade and enhance supply chain security. Accreditation is available to all Australian businesses big and small who are active in the international trade supply chain and meet or exceed the required standards.

The programme was launched on 1 July 2015 and is being implemented in phases. Currently, under a pilot phase that allow time to implement and test new processes across different industry sectors and explore the range of benefits and enhancements that might be offered.

It is anticipated that Australian Trusted Trader will be fully operational from 1 July 2016 at which time online expression of interest from industry can be submitted via an online portal. The programme will be available to all Australian Business Number (ABN) holders that are actively involved in the international supply chain. This includes importers, exporters, domestic or international freight companies, ports, airports and brokers. Note that there are no application or ongoing accreditation fees.

  • Potential Benefit:
  • Defer payment of customs duty for 30 days from 2017-2018 (Confirmed in the May 3rd Federal budget )
  • Streamline reporting of the entry of goods
  • Recognition as a trusted trader under equivalent programs operating in other countries. Benefit streamline the clearance into other countries. ABF is in process of negotiating with other countries, so far they have signed with NZ.
  • Differentiated Compliance (less intervention in supply chain)
  • Head of Queue status for services by Australian Customs
  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • Recognition in Free Trade Agreement
  • Import Processing Fee halved or waived( To be confirmed)

More information including participation requirements on the programme are available on DIBP website;

Should you have any questions please contact your Customs broker.


Best Regards

Elvis Bernard

Customs Manager

IFC Global Logistic Pty Ltd