Department of Immigration and Border Protection (Customs)

Department of Immigration and Border Protection (Customs)



Department of Immigration and Border Protection (Customs)

Dear Customer,

On September 8, 2016 the Australian Border Force(ABF) issued a notice which may have a major impact on importers. Link below.

Since then, licensed Customs brokers(LCB) are required to answer specific community protection question(CPQ) for a large number of tariff classifications which could potentially contain asbestos. LCB must provide assurance on behalf of importer clients that their products do not contain asbestos.

Under their due diligence requirement, licensed Customs brokers will require sufficient assurance from importer clients that their imported product do not contain asbestos. This can be in form of correspondence/emails, manufacturer’s declaration and in some cases test results from a recognised body may be required.

Below link provide a non-exhaustive list of products that may contain asbestos. Please contact your suppliers to seek assurances, manufacturer’s declaration so that we can safely assure the Australian Border Force that your products do not contain asbestos and also send them the ABF notice.


In the meantime, should you have any questions about this notice please contact your Customs broker to discuss.


Best Regards




Elvis Bernard

Customs Manager

IFC Global Logistic Pty Ltd