Container Import Detention Rates

Container Import Detention Rates

Please note YANG MING have advertised that after review of container cost it has been decided that IMPORT DETENTION rates shall increase for shipments arriving on or after the 1st August 2015

Import Detention Rates shall than be applicable as per below

FREE DAYS: 10 CALENDER DAYS FROM 1st day of availability for dry & 7 calendar days from first day of availability for reefer

TYPE 20DRY 40DRY 20Reefer 40Reefer
Day 11 to Day 20 $     60.00 $   120.00 PER DAY
Day 21 onwards $   100.00 $   200.00 PER DAY
Day 8 to Day 15 $   120.00 $   180.00 PER DAY
Day 16 Onwards $   220.00 $   350.00 PER DAY


* There is no free demurrage at AUMEL/AUSYD/AUBNE Demurrage is settled by consignee directly with the port authority