Congestion Surcharge – Imports & Exports All USA Ports

Congestion Surcharge – Imports & Exports All USA Ports

Please be advised ANL – US Lines filed a Congestion Surcharge in our tariffs in December of 2013 which will come into effect in the event of labor unrest or action such as strikes, lock-outs, work stoppage or slow-down which may give rise to significant increases in port congestion or seriously disrupt their normal course of operations.

To cover increased costs arising from such congestion, ANL- US Lines filed a Port Congestion Surcharge which will apply to all shipments loaded or discharged at ports in the United States during any period of congestion resulting from labor unrest. The Port Congestion Surcharge shall be assessed as follows

This measure is being enacted without prejudice to ANL – US Lines’ right to exercise its option to reroute or terminate carriage of goods under Terms 5 and 6 of its Bill of Lading should operational considerations demand such action.


Please note that this surcharge has been adopted as a precautionary measure to address the effects of potential labor action. Should there be no labor action affecting cargo movement to or from US ports, no surcharge will apply.



Size Type Amount
20′ (all types) $800.00
40′ (all types) $1,000.00
40’HC (all types) $1,100.00
45′ (all types) $1,266.00