Chinese New Year 2016

Chinese New Year 2016

Chinese New Year 2016 is fast approaching.

Factories, Shipping lines, Truckers, Government offices as well as our Eastrong office will have at least 1 week’s holidays affecting in the 2nd week of Feb. I would like to share the below situations we have experienced before.   So that every one could have a clear pictures and explain to customers in advance.


  1. Public holiday is between 7th Feb to 13th Feb 2016. Some of factories will allow their staff more days off to let them share with their families this time.
  2. Factories or Shippers in China will advance all bookings to avoid to ship any containers during the holidays. Space is still reduced with one or two blank sailings every week. Therefore, we will be encountering big pressure on obtaining enough space. This needs our efforts to get your bookings and approvals from shippers as earlier as possible. Any space issue we need to keep you informed of.
  3. Shortage of labour/staff will be a biggest issue around the holidays, in warehouses, trucking companies, factories. Truckers will reject any booking if the factory or customer has no support staff.
  4. China Custom offices will be closed during holidays with limited staff on duty.

Please try to ensure your bookings are placed well in advance to ensure your goods are shipped prior to or after Chinese New Year holiday.

If you should require any further details on this please contact your IFC customer service person