Changes to import conditions and documentary requirements for wooden manufactured articles

Please note the upcoming changes with regards to import conditions and documentary requirements for wooden manufactured articles.

In summary, from September 11, 2017, wooden manufactured articles can be exported within six months of treatment (heat or fumigation) instead of the previously 21 days provided a manufacturer’s, supplier’s or exporter’s declaration is supplied along with the fumigation or heat treatment certificates.

Note that goods packed and sealed in a container and exported immediately after treatment will not require a storage declaration.  Fumigation certificate with container number/s as consignment link will be regarded as evidence of goods exported immediately after treatment.

Customer Notice 15.08.17


A consignment is considered to be exported either:

  1. when it is lodged with the freight forwarder, shipping company/airline, charter operator or an appointed agent in the country of origin, for ultimate destination in Australia
  2. when it is shipped on board the vessel
  3. when it is packed in a container and sealed in preparation for export

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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