ACFS Implementing New Infrastructure Levy

ACFS Implementing New Infrastructure Levy

ACFS Implementing New Infrastructure Levy


Dear Valued Customers,

Further to below we have in recent days received advice that ACFS has also decided to implement FCL and LCL Infrastructure Levies as of the 13th of November.

The reasons for this implementation is again being conveyed to industry as continually escalating costs including ‘ significant extra ordinary property market rent reviews at our major Port properties in Sydney (28% increase) and Melbourne (39% increase) where increases are immediate and also retrospective dating back a minimum 12 months period. This is in addition to higher wages, security, energy and property maintenance costs’. Below is the notice from ACFS.

Effective Monday 13th November 2017, ACFS will be introducing 2 new levies on industry.

FCL Container Infrastructure Levy – (Charged per Container)

Sydney – $23.15 + GST

Melbourne – $13.65 + GST

Brisbane – N/A

Perth – N/A

Adelaide – N/A
Note – This fee will apply to all ACFS Transported containers, Depot services (including AQIS Services), FCL packs and unpacks, FAK Exports and any outside carrier services.

The further review of the FAK Import division specifically and separately from the FCL’s is due to a long period of stagnant rates, whilst security, compliance and escalating costs have been increasing regularly. The FAK division has been under invested for a long period of time, and the new FAK Cargo Infrastructure Levy will allow our business to return back to a viable state, whilst also allowing our business to start investing for some continuous improvement programs in I.T, equipment and staffing.

FAK Cargo Infrastructure Levy – Applied to all Import FAK’s Only

National Charge – $8.50 per cbm + GST

As these fees will be paid in advance of delivery, IFC will implement the FAK Levy (LCL Terminal Fee) at $10.00 per m3 and the FCL Infrastructure Levy at $27.00 in Sydney and $16.00 in Melbourne when applicable to cover finance and administration costs.

Should you have any questions relating to any of the above Industry updates please contact your Customer Relationship Manager or myself to discuss further.

Best Regards,

Minoli Rampati Dewage

IFC Global Logistics Pty Ltd