A Rapid Supply Chain Solution for a National eCommerce Client 

A Rapid Supply Chain Solution for a National eCommerce Client 

IFC Global Logistics and Warehousing (IFC) is Australia’s trusted provider of global supply chain solutions. With experience in delivering first-class supply chain solutions for over 30 years, IFC was a well-known eCommerce retailers trusted choice for third party logistics services.

The Challenge

The significant challenge our client faced in their endeavour to deliver orders within a four-hour time frame was sourcing a reliable third-party logistics provider who could help them deliver their ambitious goal. The approach required the experience of a freight logistics and warehousing company to be capable of scaling at speed, in the face of ever-increasing demand. IFC stepped up to the challenge and offered a customised solution which significantly reduced delivery time to market for the retailer by implementing processes that meet the key performance expectations in productivity, costs, and service.

The Solution

 IFC were able to directly integrate with the client’s own ERP System and website, resulting in delivering a complex national distribution system with ease. Hundreds of orders flow daily from the client’s ERP system into IFC’s Manhattan Scale Warehouse Management System across five distribution centres across the country, made possible by IFC’s extensive storage capabilities domestically.

The orders are immediately picked and prepared for drivers to collect within the hour and then delivered according to the online customers’ preferred delivery times (anytime between 10am and 8pm).

As part of IFC’s full solution approach, integrated value-added services are also provided, including a live WMS access and reporting, SSCC and EDI management, batch and expiry management, reverse logistics, and quality control to ensure the most effective full-service distribution solution. To ensure consistency in maintaining high service levels, weekly operation meetings are held with key account managers and stakeholders to ensure the effective planning, visibility, and execution of logistical requirements – especially for sales and marketing events.

The Results

 In partnership with IFC, our client gained a partner that shared its vision to grow and enhance customer experience and understood the prominent role that supply chain logistics would play in achieving this vision. Through best-in-class design tools, processes, and systems, IFC helped the retailer achieve their ambitious goal of four-hour delivery across Australia with a consistent 99+% on-time in-full success rate. This success has seen our client be positioned as an industry leader in the eCommerce space.

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