A guide to value-added warehousing and distribution services

A guide to value-added warehousing and distribution services

IFC Global Logistics and Warehousing (IFC) is Australia’s trusted provider of international supply chain solutions. As an Australian-owned and operated leading international freight logistics and warehousing company, the business has been delivering first-class supply chain solutions for over 30 years and is uniquely positioned to offer a customised, end-to-end solutions.

Through this holistic approach, IFC can minimise costs and reduce time to market for its customers.

IFC offers a full range of supply chain management services, including freight forwarding, customs brokerage, warehousing and consulting services, supported by award winning logistics technology. Our comprehensive range of solutions provide value and drive efficiency to streamline the supply chain process.

With strategically located 3PL facilities across Australia, IFC is fully equipped to provide solutions that can be completely customised with a range of value-added services covering consolidation, storage, and distribution.

Specifically, these include:

  • Live WMS dashboard access and reporting
    Clear, real-time information regarding the progress of all operational activities – at any given time via a dashboard – is a tool that is much valued by our clients.
  • ERP, Website and WMS/TMS integration
    We can offer our clients a complete end-to-end integration from their websites and ERP systems to our warehouse and transport management systems. We currently integrate with web-based platforms such as Shopify, as well as ERP systems such as SAP and Netsuite, for a seamless flow of information crucial for any efficient supply chain operation.
  • Batch and serial number management and FEFO/FIFO control
    Our HACCP, Organic and ISO accredited sites are well experience in managing the needs of clients within the food, pharma, and homeware sectors. We customise our picking logic via our WMS to suit our client’s needs – especially for all the grocery and retail channels.
  • National e-parcel services
    For businesses that operate in the e-commerce space, shipping direct from the warehouse to the customer must follow a speedy and efficient process, with instant end-to-end track and traceability.
  • Re-packaging, labelling, kitting
    Upon receiving shipments, customers may wish us to re-package, assemble, label or rework their goods before sending them to their destination.
  • Quality inspections
    Quality management is essential in ensuring that customers receive goods that are up to the set standard. In the warehouse, both quality control and quality assurance processes are crucial.
  • Reverse logistics and returns management
    When a business or customer needs to return a good to the supplier, an efficient reverse logistics process minimises waiting times for both parties.
  • SSCC scanning
    Serial Shipping Container Codes are used on all units within the import and export process, from pallets to parcels. This code is essential in the simple identification and location of goods and enables features such as customer tracking.

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